Coming soon!

“Midnight Mission”

The new Django Mack album will be available April 30, 2021!

Here are some tracks from our earlier releases, which are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all those places:

“100 Page Tattoo”


100 Page Tattoo (Butrick)

Lookout (Butrick)

Knock Me Down (Donald/Moyer)

Knife Fight (Butrick)

Roadrunner (Butrick)

Rooster in the Henhouse (Butrick/Donald)

“Sweet Life”


What You Gonna Do? (Donald)

The Devil’s Watering Hole (T. Reed)

Light It Up (Cunningham)

Shiny Boots (Butrick/Cunninham)

Shoulda Known Better (Butrick)

Three Dollar Bill (Butrick/Donald)

Cool Water (Butrick)

Slow But Sure (Cunningham)

Round Midnight (Monk)

“The Alcohol of Fame”



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