Hello Gorgeous!

Django Mack is now available to perform in your venue, music festival and/or nightclub.

The Jazz-meets-Country-Roots-Rock stylings effortlessly merge genuine heartfelt stories with lavish tall tales to yield intriguing, original songs to delight your audience, amaze your friends, and enrich your bartenders! 

We think of it as timeless drinking-music for modern hill-folk.  To quote the critics:


“…rough and tumble blues coupled with flashes of real poetry…”

             – IndieMusicReviews


“…never backs off for a second!“ 

            – RazorfishReviews


“…a dead certain crowd pleaser.” 

        – Skope


Django Mack delivers a spirited repertoire of 30+ songs (in 2 or 3 sets) suitable for a seated venue show, a weekend bar crowd, or an outdoor music festival. Having performed in the SF Bay area since 2012 and relocated to Nevada City in 2020, the ensemble now features:



Brandon Butrick – Vocals & Guitar

Jessica Pittaway – Vocals

Matt Langley – Saxophone

Jason Wilkins – Bass 

Cory Clemons – Drums

… plus occasional special guests! 


Check out the videos at www.youtube.com/DjangoMack, listen to our records on Apple Music and Spotify, and get more information at www.DjangoMack.com

Booking contact: Brandon Butrick

Phone Number: (415)-378-9424                    

Email: brandon@photoncreative.com


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