Along the road, we’ve made some friends who are pretty good with their cameras. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get the new stuff as quick as it comes out, or just click on the flicks below. You can see some behind-the-scenes pix on our Photos page, too.

NEW: Fresh off the presses, here’s the new single from our upcoming CD:

Huge thanks gotta go out to Frazer Bradshaw, Cisco Rivera, Matt Rome, Michele Dennis, John Espey, Art Phelan, Tom Donald, Corey Weinstein, Brandon Moore, Payton Halbeisen, Oliver Mellan, Dave Bowsky, Mindy Singuino, John South, George Young, Rebekah Renne, Matt Rome, Drew Eckman, Brandon McFarland, Dan Lichtenberg, and a ton of other folks who made this possible. And finally (last means best in movie credits), kudos to directors Vince Remo, Tom Donald and Ed Carden, and screenwriter Steven Baer for the ideas and vision that make it all mean something. Bravo!


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