Thanks for previewing Django Mack’s latest CD, “Midnight Mission”!

"Midnight Mission" by Django Mack

“Midnight Mission” is currently available on all the major streaming platforms and select radio outlets worldwide. We greatly appreciate your support in finding new listeners.
Django Mack creates “American” music influenced by countless blues, country and rock & roll artists. His audience also likes: Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Alabama 3. All tracks are “clean” for radio broadcast.

Here’s the one-sheet if you want more info: Django Mack 1-sheet 2021

Faces (Cunningham) – Mariachi-inspired horns add flavor to this mid-tempo rocker.

She’s Leaving Me (Butrick) – An up-tempo reminiscence about a “lost” lover.

    This is the first single! Here’s the music video, directed by Vince Remo:

Midnight Mission (Butrick/Ebisuzaki) – A paean to our favorite San Francisco drinking establishments.

Game For Gamblers (Deal) – It’s late and the stakes are high. Are you feeling lucky?

    This is our planned second single.

Every Good Thing (Butrick/Ebisuzaki) – When the road calls, Django listens. This tune blends voices, guitars and horns with themes of escape and freedom.

When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (Robinson) – A re-make of the Motown classic.

Leave My Woman Alone (Charles) – Join Django and his crew in the studio for an enthusiatic romp with this Ray Charles number.

Rogue Nation (Butrick) – Hey nineteen… We hear echoes of Topanga Canyon, circa 1978, in this jazzy bit of reflection on the post-millennial generation.

“Midnight Mission” was produced by Brandon Butrick and Tim Vaughan.
Mixed by KC Harvey
Mastered by Thomas DiMuzio at Gench
Cover art by Eddie Carden

Tim Vaughan – Drums
Mark Levine – Bass
Rich Flynn – Guitars
Steve Leeds – Saxophone
Matthew Ebisuzaki – Trumpet
Brian Schindele – Keyboards
Angela Laflamme – Voice
Laurie Amat – Voice
Brandon Butrick – Voice

Special guests:
Alicia Rose – Fiddle
Jeff Hobbs – Fiddle
Derek James – Trombone
Jinx Jones – Guitar
Paul Robinson – Guitar
Mio Flores – Percussion
Samantha Jackson – Voice
Anthony Rollins-Mullens – Voice
Nancy Lulhati – Voice
Eve Becker – Voice
Eddie Carden – Voice


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