Of Girls, Booze and Postage Stamps

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Django Girl 1

Django Girl

A lot of people think of a musician’s lifestyle as one set in a cornucopia of Girls, Rock & Roll and endless parties, and there is some truth in that, even for lowly “roadies” ( such as myself.)  There are often fringe benefits, even for those of us who merely get to bask in the glow. Life on the road with Django can be awesome; He knows how to have a good time and he treats us like family…but like any family, someone’s gotta do the “chores”.
It is this far less romantic aspect of being a professional musician that is often forgotten …the tedious, tiring day in day out business of making this all happen.

Today that tedious chore is stuffing promotional packages and slapping postage stamps and mailing labels on hundreds yellow bubble mailers.

The new Alcohol of Fame CDs have all arrived, boxes and boxes of ‘em!
So, contrary to the general “Rock Star” image we all love to cherish, today’s Rock & Roll excitement begins and ends with a trip to the post office…and thanking God for self adhesive stamps!

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Reflections and the Road Forward

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The show at 50 Mason Social House  in San Francisco was pretty awesome. The band brought some new material out and highlighted tunes from the new album “The Alcohol of Fame”.

Django Mack  Live at 50 Mason – San Francisco 2012

Cocktails flowed and it felt like a much deserved party after a long stint of nervous thumb twiddling.

Django Mack -Live

The time we had off waiting for Django to come back with the bus may have been time off, but it was no kind of fun “vacation”! We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with very little cash and, let’s face it, sitting on pins and needles hoping he would get back in time.  But true to form, Django found access to some money… somewhere; somehow…maybe the label wired it to him.  I’m not sure I want to know.  In any event we went on a well deserved, real live vacation which of course included toolin’ around San Francisco, and a trip to wine country (while we were in the area).

Django in Wine Country

The bus seems to be screamin’ along after the repairs, no problems there. There are the times on the road that can be really awful, and then there are those times that are really grand that make it all worth it.

This would be one of those latter times!

Wine Country

So for now we are enjoying our free time, but this too shall pass.

See y’all back on the road soon!