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On 2012/11/01, in Gigs, On the Road, by Flash

Apparently Django Mack just threw another concert on the calendar for Thursday November 29th 2012 at 8:30PM @50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. The last gig there was a lot of fun.

Despite having just released an album and two videos, Django Mack has had some twenty odd more songs in his sights for the live repertoire and upcoming recordings. He’s been putting the band through the hoops learning new covers and originals. It’s actually MORE work putting together the covers because doing songs (the Django way) is its own craft. When Django Mack is in rehearsal/writing mode, all nonessential personnel get to roam free. Those who got families get a chance to swing back round for a visit, those who don’t, recreate. Django seems to know someone almost everywhere we go, so finding rehearsal spaces, recording studios and hospitality along the road is usually not a problem. Right now, the band is still hanging around in San Francisco where they have access to a studio in the city.
The venue that Django Mack last played at ( 50 Mason Social House ) found out he was still in town recording for a while, so they asked him to come back and play again this month. Django took them up on it as a good chance to test drive some of the new material in front of a live audience. So, I guess that means the end of our downtime is in sight.

  Before I sign out, on behalf of Django Mack , the entire band and crew, we all wanted to offer our thoughts and best wishes to our brothers and sisters impacted on the East Coast.

May you recover quickly and we hope to see ya soon!

For anyone who wants to donate to  help the folks who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, you can do so at:

American Red Cross



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