This past year has been a gas, with some amazing players coming through ol’ Django’s studio. We’ve had ourselves a fine time making this new CD for you, so the title says it all. We’ve been previewing some of these tunes on a few select internet radio outlets, and response has been great!

One of the big differences between this record and the last one is that we took these tunes out to some audiences while we were writing and creating them, so you all can take a little credit if you like. Joe Cunningham, Tom Donald and Terry Reed brought some great ideas to the table, and we feasted like kings on those as well as some sturdy, dependable fare, like Monk’s “Round Midnight”.

“Sweet Life” will be available soon at all the major i-retailers (you know how to search, don’t you?), but you can pre-order now by clicking here.  And check back here again soon, ’cause we’ve got some other fine treats in the works for you.



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