FortuneTellerHey, Flash here on the job! I finally got the call back. It seems Django Mack is gonna start rollin’ out some shows again. But I suppose that deserves an explanation after such a long absence. Fortune has an odd way of manifesting itself. In my case, it felt odd that Django dropped everything in the middle of his tour, but good to his word, he set the crew up with gigs helping a few of his friends who were touring these last several months.

In Django’s case, he had a change of fortune, or so goes the story he told us at the first gathering we had when the entire crew and band reassembled,

Many months ago, Django took off unexpectedly for a few days. We heard after the fact that he was scouting locations for a video shoot for a new track, but apparently he found more than he bargained for. He was unusually quiet about all this, but after a fair amount of libation, we finally plied the entire story out of him.


He says he got lost at a crossroads in New Orleans and wandered into the shop of a Fortune Teller who told him about a lot of mistakes he already knew he had made in his life. He reiterated again and again, how “spot on” she was. She proceeded to tell him he needed to stop everything he was doing and record new music, music that spoke even more in his own voice, original songs from his own path of broken hearts and crooked trails. That was when he let us know he was cancelling his tour to go back into the studio. After that, he worked feverishly on new material. He said he even assembled a film crew to go shoot a video for one of the tracks; (And here’s the spooky part)…He said he went back to the crossroads where he met that fortune teller, but she was not there. The building she was in was now a weathered, untended,  abandoned old Voodoo shop. The neighbors said no one had occupied that building for many years, not since that woman who ran it died.

FortuneTellersHouse1 copy

Anyway, that’s the story Django swears by. Now, I’ve been out with Django a time or two, and it makes me wonder if he just couldn’t manage to find his way back to the right corner;)

But I’m betting he believes it,  judging from all the new music he’s been workin’ on! All I know is I’m glad to be back and glad we’ll be doing a show September 12th at the MILK BAR on Haight St.

Hope ta see ya then!

Flash out.




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