It's a long, hard road

It’s a long, hard road

Great news, Django Mack fans! We’ve spent the last 6 months working on a new record for you, taking a number of the new songs we wrote last year and  bringing them to life in the studio. Big thanks to the crew who put countless hours into refining the parts and performances to make this record rock! Steve Mathews, Roy Felley, Joe Cunningham, Dave Weedon, Steve Leeds, Laurie Amat, Tom Donald, Tom Disher, John Herbst, Tommy Dunbar, Ed Carden, Rush Dance… every one contributing their absolute best work, to make this a truly memorable set of tunes.

Of course, the way this works, we can’t promise you a copy of the new goods quite yet. There’s still mixing to do, mastering, publishing contracts and all the other technical mumbo-jumbo that makes this stuff take forever… not to mention finishing up some music videos and getting the whole ball of wax ready to make a nice presentation. But…

The good news is that we can get out and do some shows again! The next dates involve a couple of private events, but keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming gig announcements as we work through some of the offers that are coming in, and we’ll look forward to seeing you real soon!




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