Django Rides Again!

On 2012/08/31, in Cell phone updates, On the Road, by Lazarus

We  hadn’t gotten but a few miles down the road when we saw something hazy in this distance, like a mirage…a big red dusty mirage which looked more ominous the closer it came. Suddenly we heard Django’s voice  shouting over the loud ass engine, as an enormous antiquated beast pulled up beside us.

“ The bad news is I couldn’t get parts for the DjangoMackmobile…the good news: We got us a new tour bus” … for the moment. So climb aboard, we got us a show to get to and we still gotta get back to the band and move all the gear into this thing”

Photo by Thierry H – http://weblog.ch

I didn’t even bother to ask Django how he’d arranged to get his hands on this thing (as junky as it was). He only had about forty bucks on him when he took off, (which he could’ve easily pissed away in seven minutes at the first saloon he stopped in). We got in and prepared to be creaked and jostled across the desert, back to the band. I’d tell you guys to have a cold one ready, but after two days in the desert about the only thing cold are the feet of some of the greenhorns for whom this is their first tour with ‘The Big Mack’.  If they can hang in there, they’ll probably be ‘ lifers’ like most of us, but some folk are not cut out for this sort of adventure. Only time , sand and the beating sun will tell;)



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  1. admin says:

    Nice work fellas. Tell Django we just booked him a gig in SF for Sept. 20.