Alright, following Django’s trail, we hitched a ride from a ‘local’ and finally found ‘Rhino’, at another saloon in Beatty Nevada.

Rhino told us that he had steered Django to the only shop he could think of that might have parts for our particularly peculiar old tour bus. He cordially pointed us in the right direction, but not before showing us his pride and joy, the ‘ Suicide Chopper’  Django had managed to help him repair.

So now it’s off to find some mysterious auto shop (with no name) run by some guy named ‘Tweaker’ in the middle of nowhere Nevada,  in hopes that Django will still be there!  I am skeptical, but  there is very little time left if we hope to get the bus fixed and get ourselves to the next gig on time. (Of course that didn’t stop us from sharing a drink or two with Rhino, since we were already at the saloon anyway;)


One Response to In Search of Django! The Second Clue

  1. admin says:

    Good luck guys! Working on getting that video online today for “That’s Life”.
    Break a leg at the show!!