Sometimes the most dangerous thing about life on the road can be the downtime time between gigs. It’s a good thing we’ve had off since Reno. I mean, we have tour bus issues to deal with and this whole last year has been pretty non-stop with recording, and rehearsing, and videos, and shows etc., etc. so some R&R is well received – BUT… Once again Django has somehow convinced us to let him go off by himself to get our tour bus back and return the loaner to whoever he got it from (sometimes it’s better that we don’t know the details about these kind of things;) He’s left us at some two bit, flea bag motel  without transportation (I’m not even sure what town we’re in yet). All the gear is piled into one of the 3 rooms we had to book to fit us all in.

Django Mack – DownTime

The one thing he did not leave behind with us – the contents of the liquor bar we kept on the bus! There was enough whiskey in that mini bar to last Django ten days!

Strangely that is coincidentally the same number of days till the September 20th show in San Francisco at 50 Mason Social House ! (furrowing brows in concern as I write this).

So now it’s just about killin’ time and biting fingernails till Django gets back with the bus!


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