Of Phonebooths and Negotiations

On 2012/09/18, in Gigs, On the Road, by Flash

So here we are again, a couple days till our gig in San Francisco and Django has still not come back with the bus. We are stranded here till he gets back. We received a disquieting phone call from the man himself five days ago.  Django may not carry around a cell phone, but he does know how to use a payphone… although findin’ one these days is sorta like huntin’ dinosaur!

Photo: Xnatedawgx – CC 3.0

And that’s precisely where he called us from to “enlighten “ us to the fact that in order to get the bus back he had to spend all the band’s money…money that was supposed to be reserved for payin’  the sound guy that mixed the Alcohol of Fame album (due out any day now). Of course Django assured me there was NO reason for worry, but that he would have to make a side trip to arrange some “negotiations”.  Django says he’s known this dude forever and everything will be cool, but this picture I found of him makes me nervous about the WAY Django said the word “negotiations”!

In any event, if everything goes well, Django will have the bus back here just in the nick of time (as per usual) and we should all be at the gig at  on Thursday,  September 20th in San Francisco at    50 Mason Social House

Crossing fingers – sometimes ya just gotta close your eyes and have faith!


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