In Search of Django! The First Clue

On 2012/08/31, in On the Road, by Flash

Well, Lazarus and “New Guy” (as we like to call all the new roadies till we break ‘em in) phoned in the first clue and only hope to finding Django in time to get the bus fixed and make it to our gig in Reno. They stopped in some town in Nevada called Goodsprings, and sent us the pic below. They are keeping us posted via cell phone.

Lazarus reported that the guy at the bench said he saw a man fitting Django’s description yesterday. Apparently he drank there for about six hours, then helped some guy named ‘Rhino’ fix his chopper and they took off together on it. Well, at least we know we are on the right trail. If only Django would carry a cell phone!  (But alas, he refuses).


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