On 2012/09/20, in Gigs, On the Road, by Flash

I saw it through the motel window.  At first we thought it was a mirage…but with a few blinks the unmistakable orange and yellow tour bus emerged from the dusty road.

Not only did Django get back (albeit with only about 3 hours till showtime and we still have to load the gear and drive to the venue), but when he got off the bus he had a crate of CDs with him! It seems the Fates may be on our side…this time.

Django Mack – “The Alcohol of Fame” CD Release

         The new Django Mack album “The Alcohol of Fame” is done… And we got em in time to make this San Francisco gig our CD release party!

So come on down to 50 Mason Social House TONIGHT – Thurs. September 20th 2012!
Gotta run if we expect to be on the stage by 8:00 P.M.!


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