Truth, Lies and Heartache

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Put it on your calendar! I’m joining a couple of my favorite SF songwriters for an evening of swapping songs and peddling stories at one of my favorite local spots. Friday, July 27th at 8pm at The Lost Church.

Joe Cunningham is always a hoot, with his sharp observational wit and humble, down-to-earth demeanor.

Mick Shaffer’s got a hatful of tunes about crazy-ass stuff he’s gotten into over the years, and I think you’ll enjoy him too.

Get tickets at Ticketfly!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Hey all,

We have a new Christmas single hitting the streets this week!

Pretty much guaranteed to get you dipping your nose into the holiday spirits.

Take a listen to ‘Round Christmas and let us know what you think. And don’t forget the bonus “b-side”, Big Black Dog!



Come on over the The Lost Church on Saturday, July 23rd!

We’ll have the amazing Angela LaFlamme and her Two Victrolas and a Microphone show opening up.

Tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1210679

Doors 7:30, show at 8pm


How Sweet It Is…

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Listened to it over a couple cold ones this weekend; I really like this record!



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We just got in some new goodies, thanks to the good folks at OoShirts! – ooshirts.com

You can pick yours up – long sleeve or short – at our show next week at The Lost Church!

Get your tickets here!



Or of course, we’re happy to ship the shirts directly to you for a modest fee.

ooshirts email(8)(2)(1)(2)(4)(4)(1)(1)











The Lost Church is a little like your local house of worship, but that old-time-religion is music.  Advance tickets are highly recommended – https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/941569/


The Caravan Lounge- San Jose, CA

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Django Mack

Look out San Jose! Django Mack is headed your way.

Come on down to the Caravan Lounge on Friday, August 28 at 10PM, to join Django and the gang for a little country-noir groove; rhythm and blues, jazz, country…. yeah?  We’ll rock the house along with our friends & special guests, Zack Bateman and the CoalMinds!  Bring your friends and let Django Mack roll you down the DM highway.  Get a taste of the “Sweet Life”, Django’s latest CD, on iTunes or Amazon!

Heres the place: www.caravanloungesanjose.com

View our latest Youtube video!

Follow us on twitter

Visit us on Facebook





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Friday, May 15th 2015 - 8pm

Friday, May 15th 2015 – 8pm



Awesome show coming up on April 25th! We’ll be playing the Oaktown Variety show with Zack Bateman and the Coal Minds, Slim Jenkins, and Hellaphant, as well as some great comedians and even a bit of burlesque.

Gonna be a great time. Doors open at 8:30; show up early to get a great seat.



Come on over to Hotel Utah on June 15th!


Django Sugar Ponies at Utah Flat


If you haven’t seen Django lately, you haven’t seen Django. At one of San Francisco’s finer drinking establishments.

Our good friends The Sugar Ponies are going to join us for a fine bit of music-making, starting around 8pm. You can check them out at www.sugarponies.com

Rumor has it that we may have copies of Sweet Life ready by showtime; stand by for more details!





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Don’t miss the show tonight at Milk Bar!  1840 Haight St for those of you “just visiting” SF…

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 3.03.12 PM





Word is Mac Walker puts on great shows, and this lineup epitomizes that: Vaudeville Ettiquete is an awesome act, and Swamees and The Show Ponies are putting out some sweet sounds as well.

We’ll bring you some tunes from our new CD: word is we’ll have discs in hand in a couple weeks!




This past year has been a gas, with some amazing players coming through ol’ Django’s studio. We’ve had ourselves a fine time making this new CD for you, so the title says it all. We’ve been previewing some of these tunes on a few select internet radio outlets, and response has been great!

One of the big differences between this record and the last one is that we took these tunes out to some audiences while we were writing and creating them, so you all can take a little credit if you like. Joe Cunningham, Tom Donald and Terry Reed brought some great ideas to the table, and we feasted like kings on those as well as some sturdy, dependable fare, like Monk’s “Round Midnight”.

“Sweet Life” will be available soon at all the major i-retailers (you know how to search, don’t you?), but you can pre-order now by clicking here.  And check back here again soon, ’cause we’ve got some other fine treats in the works for you.



Party On!!

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Don’t miss the big holiday show with MegaFlame Big Band!


Babes in Toyland!! December 13th at REBEL

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FortuneTellerHey, Flash here on the job! I finally got the call back. It seems Django Mack is gonna start rollin’ out some shows again. But I suppose that deserves an explanation after such a long absence. Fortune has an odd way of manifesting itself. In my case, it felt odd that Django dropped everything in the middle of his tour, but good to his word, he set the crew up with gigs helping a few of his friends who were touring these last several months.

In Django’s case, he had a change of fortune, or so goes the story he told us at the first gathering we had when the entire crew and band reassembled,

Many months ago, Django took off unexpectedly for a few days. We heard after the fact that he was scouting locations for a video shoot for a new track, but apparently he found more than he bargained for. He was unusually quiet about all this, but after a fair amount of libation, we finally plied the entire story out of him.


He says he got lost at a crossroads in New Orleans and wandered into the shop of a Fortune Teller who told him about a lot of mistakes he already knew he had made in his life. He reiterated again and again, how “spot on” she was. She proceeded to tell him he needed to stop everything he was doing and record new music, music that spoke even more in his own voice, original songs from his own path of broken hearts and crooked trails. That was when he let us know he was cancelling his tour to go back into the studio. After that, he worked feverishly on new material. He said he even assembled a film crew to go shoot a video for one of the tracks; (And here’s the spooky part)…He said he went back to the crossroads where he met that fortune teller, but she was not there. The building she was in was now a weathered, untended,  abandoned old Voodoo shop. The neighbors said no one had occupied that building for many years, not since that woman who ran it died.

FortuneTellersHouse1 copy

Anyway, that’s the story Django swears by. Now, I’ve been out with Django a time or two, and it makes me wonder if he just couldn’t manage to find his way back to the right corner;)

But I’m betting he believes it,  judging from all the new music he’s been workin’ on! All I know is I’m glad to be back and glad we’ll be doing a show September 12th at the MILK BAR on Haight St.

Hope ta see ya then!

Flash out.



It's a long, hard road

It’s a long, hard road

Great news, Django Mack fans! We’ve spent the last 6 months working on a new record for you, taking a number of the new songs we wrote last year and  bringing them to life in the studio. Big thanks to the crew who put countless hours into refining the parts and performances to make this record rock! Steve Mathews, Roy Felley, Joe Cunningham, Dave Weedon, Steve Leeds, Laurie Amat, Tom Donald, Tom Disher, John Herbst, Tommy Dunbar, Ed Carden, Rush Dance… every one contributing their absolute best work, to make this a truly memorable set of tunes.

Of course, the way this works, we can’t promise you a copy of the new goods quite yet. There’s still mixing to do, mastering, publishing contracts and all the other technical mumbo-jumbo that makes this stuff take forever… not to mention finishing up some music videos and getting the whole ball of wax ready to make a nice presentation. But…

The good news is that we can get out and do some shows again! The next dates involve a couple of private events, but keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming gig announcements as we work through some of the offers that are coming in, and we’ll look forward to seeing you real soon!




Happy New Year from Django Mack!

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Hey Kids! Have Fun, but Don’t Drink & Drive!


Happy New Years all!  Be Safe and we’ll see ya in 2013!


Happy Holidays from Django Mack

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Happy Holidays from  Django Mack & Friends

Happy Holidays from Django Mack & Friends

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holidays!

So much has been going on behind the scenes here that I’ve had a hard time keeping up.

Django Mack has shifted focus yet again, from continuing this tour, to crafting a new album! Yup (I know it seems like just yesterday, he released “The Alcohol of Fame” album”,  but a strange turn in New Orleans put a bug in his craw to write a new album featuring all new original music by Django Mack! Apparently some “Voodoo Woman” down there told him he should!

But more on that and catching up on many other strange tales in 2013!

Wishing you all of the best this Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

In the meantime if you need something for your Holiday viewing pleasure, here’s the last two music videos shot for Django Mack in 2012!





Back on Duty

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Apparently Django Mack just threw another concert on the calendar for Thursday November 29th 2012 at 8:30PM @50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. The last gig there was a lot of fun.

Despite having just released an album and two videos, Django Mack has had some twenty odd more songs in his sights for the live repertoire and upcoming recordings. He’s been putting the band through the hoops learning new covers and originals. It’s actually MORE work putting together the covers because doing songs (the Django way) is its own craft. When Django Mack is in rehearsal/writing mode, all nonessential personnel get to roam free. Those who got families get a chance to swing back round for a visit, those who don’t, recreate. Django seems to know someone almost everywhere we go, so finding rehearsal spaces, recording studios and hospitality along the road is usually not a problem. Right now, the band is still hanging around in San Francisco where they have access to a studio in the city.
The venue that Django Mack last played at ( 50 Mason Social House ) found out he was still in town recording for a while, so they asked him to come back and play again this month. Django took them up on it as a good chance to test drive some of the new material in front of a live audience. So, I guess that means the end of our downtime is in sight.

  Before I sign out, on behalf of Django Mack , the entire band and crew, we all wanted to offer our thoughts and best wishes to our brothers and sisters impacted on the East Coast.

May you recover quickly and we hope to see ya soon!

For anyone who wants to donate to  help the folks who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, you can do so at:

American Red Cross



Of Girls, Booze and Postage Stamps

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Django Girl 1

Django Girl

A lot of people think of a musician’s lifestyle as one set in a cornucopia of Girls, Rock & Roll and endless parties, and there is some truth in that, even for lowly “roadies” ( such as myself.)  There are often fringe benefits, even for those of us who merely get to bask in the glow. Life on the road with Django can be awesome; He knows how to have a good time and he treats us like family…but like any family, someone’s gotta do the “chores”.
It is this far less romantic aspect of being a professional musician that is often forgotten …the tedious, tiring day in day out business of making this all happen.

Today that tedious chore is stuffing promotional packages and slapping postage stamps and mailing labels on hundreds yellow bubble mailers.

The new Alcohol of Fame CDs have all arrived, boxes and boxes of ‘em!
So, contrary to the general “Rock Star” image we all love to cherish, today’s Rock & Roll excitement begins and ends with a trip to the post office…and thanking God for self adhesive stamps!

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Reflections and the Road Forward

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The show at 50 Mason Social House  in San Francisco was pretty awesome. The band brought some new material out and highlighted tunes from the new album “The Alcohol of Fame”.

Django Mack  Live at 50 Mason – San Francisco 2012

Cocktails flowed and it felt like a much deserved party after a long stint of nervous thumb twiddling.

Django Mack -Live

The time we had off waiting for Django to come back with the bus may have been time off, but it was no kind of fun “vacation”! We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with very little cash and, let’s face it, sitting on pins and needles hoping he would get back in time.  But true to form, Django found access to some money… somewhere; somehow…maybe the label wired it to him.  I’m not sure I want to know.  In any event we went on a well deserved, real live vacation which of course included toolin’ around San Francisco, and a trip to wine country (while we were in the area).

Django in Wine Country

The bus seems to be screamin’ along after the repairs, no problems there. There are the times on the road that can be really awful, and then there are those times that are really grand that make it all worth it.

This would be one of those latter times!

Wine Country

So for now we are enjoying our free time, but this too shall pass.

See y’all back on the road soon!


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I saw it through the motel window.  At first we thought it was a mirage…but with a few blinks the unmistakable orange and yellow tour bus emerged from the dusty road.

Not only did Django get back (albeit with only about 3 hours till showtime and we still have to load the gear and drive to the venue), but when he got off the bus he had a crate of CDs with him! It seems the Fates may be on our side…this time.

Django Mack – “The Alcohol of Fame” CD Release

         The new Django Mack album “The Alcohol of Fame” is done… And we got em in time to make this San Francisco gig our CD release party!

So come on down to 50 Mason Social House TONIGHT – Thurs. September 20th 2012!
Gotta run if we expect to be on the stage by 8:00 P.M.!


Of Phonebooths and Negotiations

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So here we are again, a couple days till our gig in San Francisco and Django has still not come back with the bus. We are stranded here till he gets back. We received a disquieting phone call from the man himself five days ago.  Django may not carry around a cell phone, but he does know how to use a payphone… although findin’ one these days is sorta like huntin’ dinosaur!

Photo: Xnatedawgx – CC 3.0

And that’s precisely where he called us from to “enlighten “ us to the fact that in order to get the bus back he had to spend all the band’s money…money that was supposed to be reserved for payin’  the sound guy that mixed the Alcohol of Fame album (due out any day now). Of course Django assured me there was NO reason for worry, but that he would have to make a side trip to arrange some “negotiations”.  Django says he’s known this dude forever and everything will be cool, but this picture I found of him makes me nervous about the WAY Django said the word “negotiations”!

In any event, if everything goes well, Django will have the bus back here just in the nick of time (as per usual) and we should all be at the gig at  on Thursday,  September 20th in San Francisco at    50 Mason Social House

Crossing fingers – sometimes ya just gotta close your eyes and have faith!


Sometimes the most dangerous thing about life on the road can be the downtime time between gigs. It’s a good thing we’ve had off since Reno. I mean, we have tour bus issues to deal with and this whole last year has been pretty non-stop with recording, and rehearsing, and videos, and shows etc., etc. so some R&R is well received – BUT… Once again Django has somehow convinced us to let him go off by himself to get our tour bus back and return the loaner to whoever he got it from (sometimes it’s better that we don’t know the details about these kind of things;) He’s left us at some two bit, flea bag motel  without transportation (I’m not even sure what town we’re in yet). All the gear is piled into one of the 3 rooms we had to book to fit us all in.

Django Mack – DownTime

The one thing he did not leave behind with us – the contents of the liquor bar we kept on the bus! There was enough whiskey in that mini bar to last Django ten days!

Strangely that is coincidentally the same number of days till the September 20th show in San Francisco at 50 Mason Social House ! (furrowing brows in concern as I write this).

So now it’s just about killin’ time and biting fingernails till Django gets back with the bus!